Our client is a unique personalized medicine platform that brings innovation to healthcare around the world. Comprised of pioneering scientists and thought leaders in brain health and genetics, our client delivers actionable insights to clinicians, health care partners, and individuals in order to improve the quality of human life


Product Manager
Sr. Product Manager
Sr. Product Marketing Manager (4 different roles/product divisions)
Director of Product Marketing Management


GTS Scientific has the experience, process and resources to cost-effectively find the company qualified candidates from our hand selected pool. GTS Scientific’s researching of qualified talent in a competitive marketplace and creation of a shortlist for decision makers to interview, allowed the clients to remain focused on their core business goals.

GTS was able to create a customized solution specific to a company’s needs including everything from job qualification, candidate sourcing and screening, to shortlist selection and candidate management throughout the interview process.

After decision maker interviews, GTS Scientific is responsible for interview feedback with candidates, as well as offer extensions/negotiations. GTS Scientific further supported management by developing and holding KPI meetings to keep hiring managers and executive management informed throughout the process and seeing each candidate through acceptance to their start dates.