Our client in San Diego, is pioneering the discovery and development of novel radiotherapeutics for the treatment of a wide range of oncology indications.

The Executive leadership from our client’s team approached GTS Scientific with a need to fill two of their department head roles in Chemistry and In Vivo Oncology, so they could then begin to staff those departments once the leaders were in place. With radiopharmaceutical therapeutics being a fairly new concept in the industry, their team had struggled to find candidates with enough relevant experience before engaging GTS Scientific.


Head of Chemistry

Director of In Vivo Oncology

Our Solution:

Utilizing a vast database of talent and resources, acquired through years of engagement within the life sciences industry, our team at GTS Scientific was able to apply our recruiting processes to these specific searches.This enabled our recruiting team to identify candidates with relevant skills and experience within radiopharmaceutical therapeutics.

The team at GTS Scientific used our end-to-end recruiting solution to identify candidates with relevant technical skills, then selected and presented candidates who not only had the right experience, but also had genuine interest in the specific opportunity.


Although the field of radiopharmaceutical therapeutics is still new and developing, GTS Scientific was able to combine newly acquired knowledge with their own reliable established methods to find the best candidates swiftly and efficiently. The result was 2 successful hires for our new client within 6 weeks of starting the search.