A Life Sciences company focused on immunotherapy for cancer (specifically solid tumors) was looking to partner with a recruiting expert that would manage talent acquisition of Ph.D. bench scientists with very specific high throughput technology experience. The problem was the supply of qualified solid tumor researchers with expertise in ddPCR (droplet digital PCR). Per GTS market research, the supply of this type of candidate was approximately 100-150 individuals nationally. Utilizing internal resources to source, screen, and select personnel was taking far too much time and energy away from the company’s core operating goal, developing innovative approaches to saving lives. The company needed a partner with extensive industry knowledge and could take the pressure of finding a high-level, quality candidate that met their needs – they hired GTS Scientific.

Despite only 100-150 people nationally possessing the required skill set, GTS Scientific fulfilled the clients’ needs with a staff scientist ready to make a career move.

Any Stage of Company Development:

  • Pre-clinical through Scale-up
  • Analytical/Method Development
  • Process/Product Development
  • Clinical/Translational Development
  • Commercial Scale-Up/Tech Transfer

Core Departments Supported:

  • Cell Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Assay Development
  • Analytical/Method Development
  • Process Development
  • QA/QC
  • Data Sciences/Biometrics


GTS Scientific worked with the company to minimize the time spent on the recruitment process and allowed the company to stay focused on its core business. Following a decision-maker intake call (DMIC) to identify the necessary requirements, the experienced team at GTS Scientific was able to clarify the company’s exact needs and the precise qualifications required of a candidate. GTS Scientific took over from there: locating, contacting, interviewing, and short-listing. The GTS recruitment team’s existing knowledge of the industry and strong relationships with qualified scientists who possessed ddPCR skills specifically on t-cells (TCR and/or CAR-T) allowed GTS to react quickly to the company’s specific hiring requirements.


The client interviewed 2 of 3 candidates GTS Scientific presented, of which they offered the position to one. GTS Scientific saved the company countless hours of valuable time that they would have typically spent sourcing and screening by providing them a shortlist of 3 qualified candidates to interview.