Our client is a CRO that specializes in DMPK studies and Bioanalytical testing for their clients in the drug discovery and development world. Their organization was looking to quickly grow their project management team in order to support a company-wide expansion of facility and personnel. The goal was to hire 2 full time permanent Project Coordinators and 2 full time permanent Project Managers. In order to expand the company, it was crucial to first develop their project management team to handle the company’s increase in projects and productivity.


GTS Scientific met with departmental leadership to discuss each position in detail to learn about the role itself and the experience and expertise the position required. GTS recruiters used their database, local connections, and industry knowledge to quickly identify and engage top talent. Our team was able to present 7 viable candidates for the project coordinator positions, and 8 for the project manager positions. Of these 15 candidates, all 15 moved on to interview with the hiring manager.

After presenting these candidates to the client, GTS helped to set up interviews and negotiate offers. Our team also assisted in the internal hiring process by drafting offer letters and liaising between the client and each candidate. The result was four successful hires; two project coordinators and two project managers. GTS Scientific began this project in mid-July of 2022, and filled 100% of the vacant positions by September, 2022.”