Our client is a leading Biotechnology R&D company who manufactures and develops a wide range of products supported by Stem Cell Research. Our client was looking to grow their Manufacturing & R&D teams, this required finding talented individuals who could make an instant impact working with various instruments on multiple experiments.

Position 1:

Reagent Manufacturing Associate II


GTS Scientific had first connected with the hiring manager to discuss the essential requirements for the role, while learning more about the company culture and direction of the organization. Multiple agencies had previously recruited on the role for over a month but struggled to find qualified candidates. This led to our client needing additional recruiting support from the GTS team. GTS presented three qualified candidates to the hiring manager of which all were interviewed, and one received and accepted an offer for the position.

Position 2:

Research Associate II (RNA-Seq)


After having success supporting the above Manufacturing group with our client, their team asked us to help them find a Research Associate with expertise working with Illumina – based NGS products as well as expertise in various cell culturing techniques. Using our existing network of candidates in the Bay Area with this skillset, our team was able to identify and select two qualified and interested candidates. Both candidates were interviewed by the hiring manager, one of which received and accepted and offer.