GTS Scientific fills 5 positions for Genomics Company

A global R & D Genomics company located in New Jersey wanted to expand their team across multiple departments but expressed the positions they were searching for felt like “the impossible fill”. Their organization wanted to obtain people who have deep backgrounds in next-generation sequencing in the areas of bioinformatics, process development, and study management. The company not only had a need for people who were experts in NGS but were also searching for candidates that had experience with different types of NGS technologies.

80% of the candidates GTS submitted were interviewed by the client.

Positions Filled:

  • Technical Application Scientist (2)
  • Bioinformatics Developer
  • NGS Study Manager
  • Associate Process Development Scientist
  • Regulatory Compliance Sr. Manager

GTS was able to fill all 5 positions that had previously been open for 30 plus days.


GTS Scientific has the professional staff, experience, and resources to cost-effectively find the company qualified candidates from our hand-selected pool and fill the 5 positions out of the 5 we had received. GTS Scientific’s sourcing of qualified talent in a competitive marketplace and creating a shortlist for decision-makers to interview, allowing the client to remain focused on their core business goals.

For this leading genomics company, the experts at GTS Scientific customized a plan specific to the company’s needs. The company needed to expand its team as it utilized its sequencing lab in the fight against COVID-19. This expansion required people who had expertise in wet and dry lab Next Generation Sequencing.

GTS Scientific managed the complete requisition process from job qualification, candidate sourcing, screening, and shortlist selection. After decision-maker interviews, GTS Scientific was responsible for interview feedback, offer extensions/negotiations. GTS Scientific further supported management by developing and holding KPI meetings to keep hiring managers and executive management informed throughout the process and seeing each candidate through acceptance to their start dates.


Despite facing challenges in filling positions for their organization, the Company was able to maintain its concentration on its core services of gene editing and sequencing. All while GTS Scientific solved the business challenge of attracting and retaining high-quality, specialized biotechnology employees.